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Omg good rpg's are so hard to come by on the phone, but this one if amazing! Highly recommended in my opinion!!!


I know it's been said that kemco has had a lot of hit and misses, but this one just went well out of the ball bark! It's a fun game, and the 3D graphics in the fights are pretty good. If there were any complaints really to be had, in my opinion, then it would be that the voiceovers don't have an English feature, but that's a minor nitpick as it can be shut off. Plus, some people like anime that way. Another small deal would be the price, but I will say that it's far cheaper than final fantasy or dragon quest. So, if you're looking for a good jrpg, then this is the game for you.


The 3D is amazing, great story so far, and pretty easy to follow the story.

Alphadia G

Great RPG game, nice and easy to follow. Super fights and good looking characters . Thank you very much.

Highly enjoyable

Best Kemco game so far. I would put it one notch below the best iOS games, but it's a solid B+/A- game. Worth buying for sure.

Nice For A Change

Kemco's RPG's are all over the place. This is one of the best ones available. It's leagues beyond the far too easy Alphadia and the very unbalanced and maze-like Alphadia 2. Buy it for 99 cents on sale and try it for yourself since Kemco RPG's are always on sale and never worth the full asking price due to the fact that their games are so hit or miss.

Absolutely splendid

What a great job kemco has done once again with this one

Very good rpg

I am really enjoying alphadia genesis and think it is a great game.

The GEM of game

This is Tom. This game is PERFECT in way shape or form. I made an AWESOME discovery about game and was BEST feeling in the world. By the way now I own almost ALL of game basically I bought around twenty Kemco RPG games the TRUE rpg game in a couple days is was BEST experience ever THANKS from Tom.

Can u put alphadia 2

On iPad? I liked the first one and I beat it

Great smartphone rpg!

The story is interesting although slow to build, but that can be said about a lot of RPGs. All around classic rpg fun.


very great game this game create to kill ff ^^

Not the best imo.

Idk what, but I've played three other games by Kemco and this one... Idk but this game just isn't drawing me in like their others. I just don't feel the drive to see it through to the end :(. So minus one star for that. Also, THE HEALING POWER MISSES!?!?!? WHAT KIND OF BS IS THAT!? (No joke, it has missed numerous times EVEN IF THE CHARACTER USES IT ON THEMSELVES!!!!!). *ahem* sorry about that, but that just makes me so mad. Anyway, that is minus two stars. Suggestion: the characters have voices in the story dialog which is cool and all, and i know this is a real stretch, but if the voices could be in English that would be so cool! P.S. for those who get this game, Walter is a completely unlikeable jerk that treats the main character like dirt throughout most of the game, or a least what I played (7.5 hours). Just letting ya know ;)

Best RPG for the iPad, period!

Fantastic RPG - great storyline, characters, items, spells... This one has everything I love in a good RPG. The post-game events are terrific, too - to other fans: play through until you find out what the six empty signposts signify. :) I hope there will be a sequel - this one was just fantastic. A+++++!!!!

Pretty impressed

I've played a few games from kemco before, even the other alphadias, however, this game completely ups the ante as opposed to other games, what with the 3D combat, easy quest locations as well as a simplified yet intricate battle system. :) worth all the money. Lol


Just finished playing this is one of the best jrpg you will currently find on the App Store great graphic and about 40 to 50 hours of game play

Pretty good

The game is actually pretty good for an I phone game although not worth all 10 dollars. Battle is in 3d but you actually see the guys hit. So far no bugs and runs smooth. I do like that you can buy premium items in the game and cost you nothing all you you have to do is pay attention. If the battle was a bit different I'd give 5 or if the price drops

Very polished RPG indeed!

This is by FAR the most polished and console quality RPG released by Kemco yet. Even the character portraits' expressions change and their mouths move whenever there is dialogue, just like Lunar! Also, the battles are done with polygons instead of sprites, which is very similar to the Wild Arms series. The game has a catchy soundtrack, and to top it all off, THE ORIGINAL JAPANESE VOICES! GREAT! So gameplay-wise, this game reminds me very much of Wild Arms Alter Code F, and that's a good thing! The story is decent, just nothing groundbreaking or new, and isn't as gripping as, say, Kemco's own Chrome Wolf. Great game though!

Great Game

This was a great jrpg. I was able to play it from beginning to end with no guides etc. I had no issues with performance and the game never crashed once on my ipad air. I hope kemco releases more games like this.

Great old school rpg

Very fun rpg with lots of variety .You can finish the game in 20 hours yet I took 40 hours because of all the subquests ,the battle arena and the fact that you can try for a different ending with a whole new huge dungeon.One piece of advice,try to get the gamble coin from the battle arena,it reduces your hp to 1 but you get a chance to reflect back enemy damage fivefold!If you liked classic FF games you will love this one.


but not bad

Best one so far

I was surprised at how much the games have improved visually. I enjoyed the opening movie and the voice acting. 3d visuals were a big jump from the standard 2D. Story was your typical jrpg save the world but it had its good moments. Beat the game and all I can save is CAN WE GET A SEQUEL. I mean they kinda hinted towards it.

Best yet!!!

It was an incredible play through! I loved every minute of it. Thank you kemco!

Good rpg

Pretty fun so far, the battle scenes are graphically impressive. The in game paid currency can also be earned thru playing the game which is nice

Amazing rpg!

Almost like playing an old school rpg on console. No disappointments at all so far.

Good stuff

Have a full page of kemco RPGs I havnt finished but have a feeling this one will be ...really hoping there's some end game content too it or in the works ...great game

Best KEMCO RPG yet!

Although this is a handheld game it has the look, feel, and story of a well-done console game. Difficulty for most battles isn't too hard on normal setting, but I've encountered several random monsters that wiped my party out. This compares well to more recent Final Fantasy games. Highly recommended for JRPG fans.


I miss RPGs like this awesome good graphics easy play. Nice level settings.

Great game!

This is an awesome game!! I have actually forgotten I was playing on my phone several times. Very well-made. So easy to lose track of time playing!

Impressive rpg done with care

Story is no ff7 but it has me hooked. Well written. I've had a few laughs. The characters are extreme but still have some dimensions to them. The plot has some pleasant surprises so far. Combat is fun and challenging. Many layers. Love the way iap are implemented here. Totally unnecessary. I'm 12 hours in and am finding myself enjoying the optional side quests, and the hidden passageways. The zoom feature is nice.

Well played kemco, well played...

This is a really great game. I'm surprised how you guys added the 3D battle, and they all look awesome. All the cool arts, visuals, voices, and other things are great as well. Thanks for making such interesting RPGs kemco. Keep up the good work.

So far so good...

The story, the characters and the combat are what have kept me coming back to JRPGs time and time again. This one hooked me from the very beginning. I haven't wanted to stop playing! The spell effects are cool, the new powers you acquire as you level up are awesome, and the story totally has me hooked so far. Can't wait to see how it all turns out. LOVE THIS GAME!


I'm super addicted to this game right now! It's a lot of fun I recommended it.

Great RPG

So far this game has exceeded my expectations! I thought it would have a hard time playing on my Iphone 4 but no issues so far. Turn based rpg with easy to use interface. Get this game if you like rpgs!

Now This Is an RPG!!!

Wow. This is what I have been waiting for! The 3D battles are amazing ( love the spell effects) this reminds me of, dare I say it...final fantasy. Story is cohesive and interesting so far. Love the leveling up and the awesome powers you gain. The inapp purchases are not necessary, you can find points to buy rare items buy simply looking in hidden nooks and crannies. You can zoom in to find secrets like final fantasy 3 ( love that feature ) and they seem to have fixed that annoying scrolling issue when walking around towns. Much more smooth now. All in all I love it...but I do have a small gripe or 2...the characters seem to move to fast! I like to take in the sites. I also would like a text speed option. I'm very impressed! Now remake all your games with this 3d battle engine and I will buy them all again!!

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